Monday, 21 November 2011

Hollywood Video Song - HD Video Music - Lasgo - Tonight

Lasgo is a Belgian trio of dance music musicians. The group formed in 2000 and is composed of Jelle Van Dael as the vocalist, (after Evi Goffin was forced to leave in 2008) and Peter Luts and Jeff Martens as record producers. Peter Luts confirmed (on Belgian radio) in 2008 that Evi Goffin was not returning to the band, after choosing to become a full-time mother. Luts announced at the same time that he was looking for a new vocalist for the band. Together with Belgian TV station JIMtv, he organized a televised search (like Idols) for a new vocalist. The winner of this competition was Jelle van Dael, who is now the band's singer.
The group has sold more than five million copies of their albums Some Things and Far Away, and the singles from those albums. Hollywood Video Song - HD Video Music - Lasgo - Tonight is nice and lovely song.


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