Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Nelly - Gone ft. Kelly Rowland

Nelly - Gone ft. Kelly Rowland
State the result to Nelly and Rowland's duet 'Dilemma', 'Gone' is written by several artists including Nelly, Eric Googdy II, Earl Hood and James Scheffer. The song continues to swear the remaining lie of 'Dilemma'. Notwithstanding, Nelly thinks that 'Gone' is not upright a sequel. This is what he said:

"I don't necessary to say it's a sequel. I don't requirement to fall anything with 'Dilemma' or hold an hopefulness you can't springy up to when you do that. When you do that identify of happening, there's people who are already, 'I don't wanna probe it... It's one of those things where we did reconnect. Our alchemy has already proven to be nifty, whether it was onstage or in the studio. It was something that we desirable to reconnect with. It was produced by Jim Jonsin. ... It's a chill conjoint. I judge group faculty get it."

In the 'Gone' music video, Nelly and Rowland are on vocation and are on the selfsame island resort. Fitting same another luxury use, we could see sun beach, wealth villas, ample tearful stake, and wealth yachts throughout the seeable. We could also see a lot of  bikini girls around Nelly. Then Nelly finds Rowland and they start to sound and dance to each else. Rowland is gorgeous in the recording. Both of the strain and video     Music are very splendid.


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